Young entrepreneurs promote ‘Squeaky Clean’ business

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Posted: Thursday, November 9, 2017 8:18 am

On a chilly, wet and gloomy Saturday morning, when a lot of kids would opt to stay in bed or relax around the house, two Germantown Hills students were up bright and early setting up shop at the 39th annual Germantown Hills District 69 Craft and Vendor Show.

Fifth graders Grayce Wolven and Abigail (Abby) Hatcher started making their own body care products just a few months ago after a horrible reaction to homemade slime landed Abby in the hospital.  She had a serious eczema flare-up, a common condition that causes red, itchy and painful rashes on the skin.  

Grayce was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the small intestine after ingesting gluten. Gluten is also found in some cosmetics, soaps and deodorant.

These two conditions forced the girls to become more aware about what they put on, and in their bodies.

“When Abby was hospitalized over the summer, everything had to change because of her skin sensitivity and Grayce has to be super careful about what she uses because of having celiac,” said Grayce’s mom, Melissa Wolven.

Since there really isn’t many fun-for-kids body care products that are safe for their conditions, the two girls decided to take matters into their own hands.  In August, the two started playing around with making their own soaps, fragrance rollers, bath salts and lip balms using all-natural ingredients such as glycerin and essential oils. The girls not only had success, but they also had a lot of fun.  After finding cute soap molds, the two decided to share their new found hobby with everyone. It was then their “Squeaky Clean” business was born.

“Both of the girls have to miss out on a lot of things most kids love doing--making slime, for Abby, and anything treat related for Grayce.  Making the body care line has been a nice distraction,” said Melissa. 

Creating homemade slime has become a very popular activity for kids these days, but since the ingredients cause a reaction with Abby, the girls decided to pay homage to the craze with their own invention:  green soap with googly eyes aptly named “Mr. Slime”.

Mr. Slime, along with other products made by Grayce and Abby, were available for purchase at last Saturday’s craft and vendor show at the Germantown Hills Middle School.

The two young entrepreneurs were the youngest of more than 100 vendors at the show and they had great success, selling more than 50 items. The candy soaps and essential oil bath soaps were top sellers. The friends are now busy replenishing their stock and making holiday items, as well.

Their “Squeaky Clean” business not only offers sweet smelling hygiene products, but also a good life lesson about handling setbacks.

“Having severe eczema is hard for anyone to deal with, no matter what age you are,” said Abby.

“I hate going to the store and finding the cutest soap and not being able to buy it.  Now with my best friend, I get to make those beautiful soaps and they won’t irritate my skin.  I hope Squeaky Clean can help other people like me.”

“Challenges will always be there no matter who you are, you just have to find something to like about it,” added Grayce.  “Hopefully our business will help others who face similar challenges with allergies and sensitive skin.”

To see all creations “Squeaky Clean” has to offer or to place an order, check out the Facebook page at

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