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Posted: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 10:37 am

I saw a segment on television about the carnivore diet, otherwise known as the all meat diet. Now I know that diets that restrict the dieter to only one or two types of foods can be harmful in the long run. They can also be a waste of time because as soon as you go off the diet you blow up to your former poundage. There are questions about nutrients, too. Are you getting the vitamins and minerals you need by eating only the restricted foods? Can your body get its nutrients in another way other than through diet? Can you follow this diet for the long term? For the rest of your life?

But all these questions aside, do you feel better or have you lost weight on a special diet? Are you able to sustain your diet while eating out?

But all of that aside, too. The carnivore diet means eating meat, all the time, every day. My mouth is watering like Pavlov’s dog. I can eat bacon with delight. Prime rib is wonderful and eaten without guilt. A ribeye can be consumed daily. And filet mignon! Life is suddenly really good.

Of course, there are detractors to the carnivore diet. Mainly, the argument goes that you should eat a variety of foods. Moderation is the key to a good diet. Apparently, that applies to everything except meat, oh and French fries. But if you’re going to restrict yourself to one of those two foods, choose meat.

I’m ready to jump on the carnivore bandwagon. There’s nothing like a nice juicy steak, medium rare. If it’s prime rib, it has to be medium well. Hamburgers are great, but lose the bun. No carbs on this diet.

Then I remembered a period when I ate out at several steak places. Of course, I ordered steak. I ordered my favorite cut done in my favorite way. After several days I grew tired of a juicy, flavorful steak. I couldn’t look at them, much less eat one. I had to take a break and turned to hamburger, sans bun.

Then I thought about what I would eat tomorrow, next week, next month. Nothing but burgers with a few steaks thrown in. My taste buds couldn’t take all this sameness. I realized I need variety in my diet. The carnivore diet isn’t for me. Neither are most of those other special diets.

I turned to The Calorie King calorie fat & carbohydrate counter. It was my guide before and it worked so I’ll use it again. This small format book tracks calories, fat content and carbs for almost any food you’re bound to eat. It’s essential for diabetics, those who must control their cholesterol, sodium intake, fiber content and alcohol ingestion. It covers beverages, too. Since we eat out, the Calorie King provides this same information for items on menus of every restaurant chain you can name. The counter is printed in color on heavy weight paper so it’s easy to read and durable. You can slip it into your purse or shove it in your pocket for a quick consultation.

This guide is essential, but it doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear or see. You may find that your current diet is not the best for your current condition. Don’t blame the book, your messenger. Don’t blame yourself, either. Just change the foods you eat.

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