Don Twaddle to retire Friday from Washington State Bank

Don Twaddle, President of Washington State Bank, will retire Friday after 18 years at the bank and more than 40 years in the banking business. 

Residents who do their banking at Washington State Bank will be missing a familiar face after Friday.

Don Twaddle, President of Washington State Bank, is cashing in on retirement.

Twaddle came to WSB in December of 2002, and then took over for Don Dempsey when he retired just a month later. Though he’s been with WSB for a little over 18 years, Twaddle has been in the banking business in Washington for more than 40.  It’s a job that he said he got into purely by accident. 

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in accounting back in 1976, he was working in sales in Davenport, Iowa when he learned about a job at First National Bank (now Heartland Bank) on the south edge of the Washington Square.

“Since I had an accounting degree, I applied and was hired to convert the bank from cash accounting to accrual accounting,” said Twaddle.  “I did a little of everything from accounting work to working with customers, shoveling snow and changing light bulbs.”

Twaddle worked his way up to Vice-President there, and he said he thought that was where he’d retire, until the job at WSB came up.

As with most everything in life, banking has undergone many changes in the 42 years Twaddle has been behind the counter, electronic and internet banking being one of the biggest.

“The bank lobby would have as many as 60 people at one time on pay day and now we may have five or six people at any one time,” Twaddle said.  “Regulation has increased dramatically also as it used to take very little time in 1978 and now takes a lot of time and expense.”

Twaddle said he will not miss the examinations and the amount of time they take away from the banking business, but he did say he is going to miss working with his employees and all his customers.       

After years of hard work, it’s time for Twaddle to invest in some time at home with some special people.

“My wife Denise watches our grandchildren now and I plan to spend a lot of time with them,” he said.

Twaddle will also have time to finish up several projects around the house, improve his golf game and hopefully take up fishing again.

“After a few weeks I will know if I need to take up any more hobbies or do some volunteer work,” he said.

For WSB patrons, or anyone who has worked with Twaddle over the years, this may be a good week to forgo Internet banking and personally visit the bank to give credit where credit is due: a wish for a very happy retirement to WSB President Don Twaddle.