PNC Grant

Morton School District is thankful for the $2,725 received in grants from the PNC Foundation. The funds received will be used to further support the educational needs of the students.

Ms. Rosie Durand, who is the head of the Morton High School mathematics department, received $850 for the purchase of two Texas Instruments (TI)-Innovator Hub and Rover Robotic Vehicles. The equipment will be used to further engage students in deep mathematical problem solving while being introduced to coding. The goal is for the students to see their math problems come to life as they use mathematics to write a code in order to maneuver the vehicle around an obstacle course. The students will test the code, adjust the math accordingly, re-write the code and test again. The students will see mathematical concepts in motion as the Rover leads them on a hands-on learning experience.

Ms. Kelly Hobson, who is a social worker at Jefferson Elementary School, received $875 for the integration of Calming Centers in the classrooms. Students often struggle to complete academic assignments due to social, emotional concerns. The centers will provide a space for the students to self-calm and self-regulate within the classrooms without missing class instruction.  The space will also allow students to become quickly integrated into the classroom environment.

Ms. Samantha McKee, who is a fifth-grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, received a $1,000 grant for the purchase of LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Kits. The kit will introduce additional STEM activities to incorporate in the STEM challenge Fridays. The students will also be allowed to use the kit during study hall/RTI time to give the students the opportunity to further explore STEM activities.

“The Morton School District is appreciative of the ongoing support of the PNC Foundation,” indicated Superintendent Dr. Jeff Hill. “The grant program helps fund innovation not only in Morton District 709, but also throughout the region.”