Sixth Day Enrollment Report

Dr. Smock reviewed the enrollment as of August 19, 2021.  He noted grade level changes, cohort changes, and comparison to Cropper projections in 2018 (48 District Wide, but close on many grades).   The in-person enrollment is 3,179 (which is over 80 from last year).

Facilities Report

Rodney Schuck reviewed the projects that took place during the summer including the MHS west gym (new bleachers, refinished floor, steps replaced steep ramps), conversion of three classrooms to two STEM labs, new paving and lighting at Lincoln, and roofing at MHS, Jefferson, and Lincoln. 

Superintendent’s Report

- District Administration is in the process of collecting vaccination information and checking into testing options due to the recent Executive Order for PK-12 school staff.

- He is working with 50-100 school districts throughout Illinois on the Make It Local initiative.  The group is considering strategies to use to regain local control of their schools.

- Keach Architects is in the process of design work for improvements to be made at the softball field in Birchwood Park.  He has an upcoming meeting with MGSA and Morton Park District representatives to coordinate efforts.

- As of today, there are 11 positive COVID student cases out of 3,179 (0.35% of enrolled students).

- Next board meeting on September 21 will begin at 7 p.m. after a building meeting with staff at Lettie Brown Elementary School.

Discussion Item

Enterprise Zone Agreement Renewal -- Ms. Leigh Ann Brown of the Morton EDC was present to answer questions board members had on renewal of the agreement that expired December 31, 2020.  She explained that potential businesses would have to meet certain parameters and benchmarks to qualify. This will be an action item at the next meeting.

Action Items Approved

- Revised Plat for MJHS allowing Village right-of-way for sidewalks

- Overnight trips: MHS Varsity Wrestling -- Geneseo, IL Tournament           

- School maintenance grant submission