GEMS work on community model

GEMS participants Jane Park and Zoey Johnson work on their community model with help from CeMaST representative, Eugene Domingo. 

The October GEMS session explored how electricity is generated, transmitted and used, and was presented by the Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology (CeMaST) representatives Joy Gabala and Eugene Domingo.  

GEMS girls participated in Smart-Grid, a virtual grid construction video game and hands-on grid construction set. The girls build their own electrical grid by powering a factory to provide electricity to their customers.  Then they worked in teams to build and power their own community using models, wires, large towers and short poles. All teams successfully built and powered their communities.  

The next session of GEMS will be about Simple Machines on November 15 from 4:30-6 p.m and held at the Morton Public Library. Participants will explore pulleys, wheels, axles, levers, screws and wedges. The girls will combine two or more of the six simple machines to build their own compound machine.  All girls in grades 4-7, are welcome, but must pre-register through the Morton Public Library at

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