Superintendent’s report

-          The District will hire the nurses/medical assistants who are currently contracted through Unity Point.  Doing this will offer continuity for students and families and is a projected cost savings to the District.  The High School nurse will be retained through the end of the current school year.  A new nurse will be hired for the 2021-2022 school year.  This is an exception to Board Policy 5:32 that addresses anti-nepotism for a Board member and spouse.  Dr. Beaty recused himself from the discussion.

-          Thermostats will be lowered in the district buildings in response to the Village of Morton’s request due to availability of natural gas and current pricing.

-          The March 16 Board meeting will be changed to March 23.  This will allow time to receive bids for summer work and have them approved at this meeting.

Action items approved

-          Hiring of Nurses/Medical Assistants