Picture of the drawing by Scott R. Lenaway requested by his aunt, Mary Eschelbach

Scott R. Lenaway, IMP returned to his hometown of Pekin to visit family after attending the wedding of his brother in Pella, Iowa on July 25, 2020.  Lenaway is the son of Raymond and Ellen Lenaway of Pekin.  He now resides in Ft. Collins, Colorado where he graduated from Colorado State University.

Lenaway’s aunt, the writer of this article, requested a drawing by her nephew.  After sending the following two paragraphs to him, she received the completed artwork on July 26, 2020.

“The problems we are facing today, a pandemic and demonstrations in our cities against racism, are insurmountable unless we reach out to one another with our hands—hands that clap in praise, hands that lift persons up so they can stand, hands that gather what others need.

My hands, your hands show what we are made of and what we can do to make the pain and misunderstandings lessen.  There are wonders yet to be discovered as we join our hands with others.  Give a blessing and extend your hands in faith and gratitude.”

Since graduating from Pekin Community High School, Scott Lenaway has served his country as a reservist with the 724th Transportation Company based in Peoria off Airport Road.  In 2004 and 2009, the 724th was deployed to Iraq.  Lenaway served those two tours of duty.

After visiting in central Illinois, Lenaway will return to his home in Ft. Collins where he is active in the town’s community of print makers.