Life in Stitches

Scott Witzig from the Morton Community Foundation presents a check for $750 to the LIFE in Stitches Class at Morton High School. Pictured along with Witzig is Dane West (student), Alison Eckart (LIFE Academy Instructor), Jacqueline Harrison (Instructional Aide), Luke Sommer (student), Richard Fiedler (Instructional Aide). 

The LIFE in Stitches class is very thankful to Morton High School alum Tommy Kuhl and the Kuhl Family Foundation in conjunction with the Morton Community Foundation for the generous grant of $750.00. The money will be used to purchase a HoopMaster Station Kit to accompany the embroidery machine. The kit takes the guesswork out of how to properly align the material and where the embroidery will take place, allowing students to get the alignment correct each and every time, while giving them the opportunity to work on additional projects with the time saved.

The LIFE in Stitches course is an inclusive portion of LIFE Academy, which serves young adults (18-22 years-old) with significant disabilities by offering a curriculum that teaches them the skills to live independently. In the LIFE in Stitches class, students are given the opportunity to learn all of the facets of a service-based business dependent upon their abilities. The students not only learn how to embroider and applique items, they take customers’ orders, create designs, perform billing tasks, and package the end product.

Aligning materials in the embroidery machine is a daunting task, even for a person who has no limited mobility.  LIFE Academy Teacher Alison Eckart explained, “Hooping items prior to embroidery is a difficult task for the students, and requires a significant amount of manual dexterity. The HoopMaster will not only allow students to hoop items with more accuracy and consistency, but will allow greater access for students who have limited mobility due to the magnetic holder."

Tommy Kuhl advised that the funds of $750.00 from the Kuhl Family Charitable Fund, a Component Fund of the Morton Community Foundation to be designated to the LIFE in Stitches class. “I am so happy and excited to donate money to such an awesome group of students,” said Tommy Kuhl.

During his years at Morton High School, Tommy would always find time to coach Red Wings (Special Olympics) basketball and track and field. Through Red Wings, he was able to build a bond with the students, and they are the main reason Tommy wanted to donate the funds to the LIFE in Stitches class.

“The main reason I chose to give money to this organization is because of the students,” said Tommy. “Over the past couple years, I have created friendships with many of the students that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Thank you, Tommy Kuhl, Kuhl Family Foundation, and Morton Community Foundation, for your generous donation and support.