The 21st Annual Morton 3-ON-3 Hoops Basketball Tournament was held on Saturday June 26th in the Bethel Lutheran School gymnasium.   Eight teams participated in the Men’s Division and six teams competed in the 11 – 14 Boys’ Division with the tournament proceeds going toward Bethel Lutheran Church’s high school youth basketball program.  The tournament’s winners were as follows:

Men’s Division:

          First Place: “No 1’s Allowed”:  Vic Humbles, Davonte Johnson, Quin McDonald, Jr., and Damion Smith 

          Second Place: “Pekin Glass”:  Ben Cash, John Kerr, Kyle Rohr, and Zach Sullivan

          Third Place: “Brown”:  Craig Boone, Matt Brown, Jared Gill, and Trey Swearingen


          Fourth Place: “Church League All-Stars”:  Derick Cawley, Jared Parsons, Phil Wolfe, and Ryan Zimmerman

          Potter Bowl Champions: “Not Relish!”:  JT Kaiser, Nolan Parsons, and Grant Williams

          Potter Bowl Runners-up: “Dream Team”:  Jordan Miller, Jacob Scott, Rhodes Uphoff, and Rindy Uphoff






11 – 14 Boys Division:


          First Place:  “HOI 7th”:  Benjamin Chaffer, Miles Chaffer, Tommy Krupa, and David Schmidgall

          Second Place:  “Turks”:  Brett Bane, Luke Haley, and Miller Reynolds

          Third Place:  “Yes to Fans”: Lauren Dalby, Delaney Driscoll, Merrick Maloney, and Maddie Stickelmaier

          Fourth Place:  “Team ACL”: Logan Deverman, Caleb Engel, Brady Johnson, and Asher Van Zant

          Potter Bowl Champions:  “The Heat”:  Court Bohanan, Zach Born, Jace Lott, and Lucas Roos

          Potter Bowl Runners-up:  “Creative Name”:  Ethan Gingerich, Christian Johnson, Paul Johnson, and Phillip Schmidgall   

          Special thanks to the volunteers who gave their time and the tournament sponsors who made donations toward the 3-ON-3 Hoops Basketball Tournament.  The tournament sponsors were:  ASG Graphic Works, Brett Bisping Insurance Agency, David W. Kinsinger D.D.S., Fortman’s Barber Shop, Frito-Lay, Inc., Ginoli & Company CPA’s, Humble Bully Farm, Kuhl Insurance, Law Office of Weiss, Schmidgall and Hires, Mike Murphy Ford, Morton Community Bank, Morton Supplies, Inc., N. Zobrist Construction, One Source Equipment Rentals, R. Gingerich Crane Inc., the Bisping Family, the Derek West Family, the Parsons Family, and Wm. Aupperle & Sons, Inc.

Pictures courtesy of Dave Kinsinger, Bethel Lutheran Church