Bradley University has announced the Fall 2019 Dean's List. To be eligible for the Dean's List a student must achieve a minimum 3.5 grade point average for the semester on a 4.0 scale.

Area students include:


Matthew Hoelscher is a Biomedical Science major.

Olivia Peterson is a Middle School Education major.

Nathan Whitman is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Germantown Hills-

Raven Elias is a Community Wellness major.

Ryan Willard is a Finance major.

Caitlin McDaniel is a Middle School Education major.

Alyssa Herzog is a Nursing major.

Caetlyn Dawdy is a LAS ENG CR major.

Jacob Bevirt is a Mechanical Engineering major.


Allen McClean is an Actuarial Science - Business major.


Kyle Blum is an Accounting major.

Rachel Rees is a Nursing major.


Brooklynn Schmidgall is a Marketing major.


Sydney Mesick is a Social Work major.

Kerra Fisher is a Communication major.

Autumn Riggert is a Nursing major.

Zachary Bernitt is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Anthony Wessel is a Computer Science major.

Jacob Pfister is a Middle School Education major.

Madeline Schaffer is a Nursing major.

Isaiah Chism is an Electrical Engineering major.

Sarah Morse is a Finance major.

Margaret Dean is a Business-Economics major.


Brandan Bonham is a Business-Economics major.

Kade Jones is a Marketing major.

Andrew Driscoll is a Computer Science major.

Juliet Boyer is an International Studies major.

Brian Lauer is an Electrical Engineering major.

Kayla Welsh is an Early Childhood Education major.

Maya Phan is a Psychology major.

Marin Collins is a Nursing major.

Grant Winter-Helms is an Interactive Media Game Design major.

Allison Gottwald is a Management and Leadership major.

Darby Brenkman is an Elementary Education major.

Alex Brasel is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Taylor Johnson is a User Experience Design major.

Olivia Taluc is a Social Work major.

Zachary Byrne is a Health Science major.

Eric Schick is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Sam Taluc is a Finance major.

Julia Dennison is a Family & Consumer Sciences major.

Katelynn Draeger is a Communication major.

Elizabeth Grimm is a Mathematics major.

Abigail Irwin is a User Experience Design major.

Cassandra Jungers) is a Communication major.

Breanna Peterson Green is a Political Science major.

Chloe Woodin is a Nursing major.

Kevin Lauer is an Industrial Engineering major.

Steven Chen is an Unclassified Engineering major.

Matthew Miller is a Finance major.

Derek Roche is a Pre-Business major.

Dylan Simpson is a Management and Leadership major.

Gregory Gould is an Accounting major.

Coreena Witzig is a Health Science major.

Lindsay McMullen is a Communication major.

Spring Bay-

Adelyn Eichhorn is a Psychology major.


Charles Woodard is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Kylie Connell is a Marketing major.

Justin Tippett is a Physics major.

Brett Vetroczky is a Computer Information Systems major.

Lila Hall is a Mathematics major.

Jaela Graves is a Nursing major.

Allison Miller is a Biomedical Science major.

Javan Plattner is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Conner Ogle is a Computer Science major.


Brian Scott is a Business-Economics major.

Samantha Hatfield is a Psychology major.

Emily English is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Ryan McCaughey is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Alexandra Slane is an Entrepreneurship major.

Aubri Applegren is an Industrial Engineering major.

Quentin Monagle is an Electrical Engineering major.

Robert Snyder is a Computer Information Systems major.

Paige Holthe is a Nursing major.

Hannah Brownfield is an Elementary Education major.

Maggie Hatfield is a Biomedical Science major.

Savannah Smick is a Nursing major.

Anna Mccaughey is a Nursing major.

Claire Scherr is a Health Science major.

Kaleb Bolliger is a Computer Science major.

Kasey Miller is a LAS ENG CR major.

Baylee Foster is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Sean Howarter is an Unclassified Engineering major.

Kyle Streitmatter is a Marketing major.

Nathan Lee is a Mechanical Engineering major.

Natasha Hogan is a Communication major.

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