Continuous challenges with winter weather conditions has caused several Corn Belt Energy members to experience outages with some locations experiencing multiple outages as ice, snow and freezing fog has impacted the co-op’s service area over the past few days.

Corn Belt Energy continues to make strides in restoring outages daily. However, each day we are challenged with new conditions that cause further outages. Most recently as the temperature rises and the ice begins to thaw, damage to lines and other electrical equipment is occurring and thus producing further outages.

“Approximately 80% of the outages experienced by Corn Belt Energy members over the past few days have been tree related,” stated Don Taylor, President and CEO. “Because of the vast amount of tree related damage, we have also brought in tree contractors with specialized equipment to assist us in removing trees from in and around the lines,” said Taylor.

Corn Belt Energy continues to make safety and restoration of power our top priority. Crews have been actively engaged in restoration efforts since early on New Year’s Day. Corn Belt Energy has crews working around-the-clock and will continue working until power is restored to all members.

As a reminder, people should not go near downed power lines, downed poles, or trees near lines. We encourage members to contact us at 1-800-879-0339 to report power outages and downed lines or poles.

Corn Belt Energy encourages members to check on neighbors who may be without power, especially the elderly and those with physical limitations. We urge members who are concerned about prolonged outages to find an alternative location to stay such as a relative or friend’s home, hotel or a local warming center.

To check for outage updates, members can call 1-800-879-0339 or use their mobile device to view outage updates on SmartHub, or on Facebook or Twitter.