Administrative Report

Superintendent’s Report:

- Dr. Hill reported on how extra-curricular sports training is currently being handled by coaches

- Using social media—most one-on-one

- Using videos of past performances and motivational videos for team and culture building

- Prescribed workouts are given to captains to share with team

- Awaiting guidelines developed by IHSA for summer conditioning and strengthening

- Dr. Hill and Dr. Teater gave a report on options the Leadership Team developed for opening school in the fall, assuming our region is in Phase 4 of Reopening Illinois. Requirements for student attendance include social distancing or wearing masks all day. The options included student attendance partial days with remote learning at home. Students would be divided alphabetically. This option would lessen the number of students in a classroom at one time. Board members prefer doing whatever is workable to have students in their classroom with their teachers as much as possible. Other suggestions included starting earlier in the summer so that a longer winter break could be taken during the influenza season; having older students wear masks and the youngest students social distancing; contacting legislators in conjunction with other local districts to lift the restrictions in the localities with low COVID-19 cases and deaths. The entire discussion is available for viewing on MP-TV at 35:40.

President’s Report:

- It was agreed to start the July 7 regular Board of Education meeting at 5:30 p.m. There is a Committee of the Whole meeting scheduled for June 23 at 5:30 p.m.

The Board of Education recognized and thanked Carlie Owens for her years of service to MCUSD as Student Support Services Director as she leaves the district to pursue other endeavors in her field.