Superintendent’s Report

Dr. Hill expressed his gratitude to the staff, parents, and students for the good start to the school year given the extraordinary circumstances this year.  He is proud of the students for following the  guidelines and complimented the teachers as there is more to manage this year than in years past.  The principals are demonstrating patience and strong leadership as they work with teachers and   students.  Dr. Smock’s role is different at this time as he works with the Tazewell County Health  Department tracking staff and student COVID cases.  Dr. Teater is leading remote learning and all that entails. 

COVID Update—Dr. Hill reported:

- Eight students positive; zero teachers (numbers current at time of meeting)

- 96 students are quarantined (due to contact with a positive case)

- 225 remote learners (Early Childhood, two; K-fifth, 104; sixth-eighth, 52; freshman-senior, 67).  Of these students, 43 have IEP’s with a remote learning plan.

- 79 home schooling (former students that were expected to return to school this year)

- Transportation—operating within ISBE guidelines—going well

- Food Service—grab and go lunches being served—contactless.  Down 2000 meals from last year;                                  open campus for juniors and seniors.   

- COVID current expenditures — $560,000 — 75 percent will be reimbursed through federal grant funds.

Communication—Superintendent’s weekly report; also a short video clip titled, “Potter Points” hosted by Mike Bailey.  Episode 1—Q & A surrounding the reopening of schools; Episode 2—          Interviews with the transportation and food service directors.  Upcoming—Episode 3-Athletics.

Action Item Approved

- 2020-2021 Tentative Budget

- Transportation Claim