The Morton Public Library will have a SHIP Counselor and Central Illinois Agency on Aging volunteer to assist those individuals, who qualify, to apply for the Benefit Access Program.  This Illinois program provides for a license plate sticker to be purchased for $24 and a Ride Free Transit Card.  There is no charge for this service.

Eligibility requirements are:

1)     Illinois resident

2)     At least 65 or disabled

3)     Maximum income (including Social Security) (NOTE increase in income limits!)

a)     1 person         $33,562

b)     2 persons        $44,533

c)     3 persons        $55,500

This service will be available at the Morton Library on Wednesdays, January 22 – February 26 and April 22 or April 29, 2020.  Please call the library at 263-2200 for information and to schedule an appointment.  Approved license discount certificates are good for two years and renewals may be submitted beginning 90 days before the License Discount Certificate expiration date.

Please bring your social security card, 2018 Income Tax return (if one is filed), all 2018 1099’s and W-2’s to the appointment.  Applications filed before April 16, 2020, must use 2018 income information.  Applications filed after April 15, 2020, must use 2019 income data.