Composer's Guild

Morton High School will be holding their seventh annual, “In Their Own Write,” on Sunday, February 9, at 6 p.m. in the Bertha Frank Performing Arts Center. “In Their Own Write” is a showcase of the incredible creative talent of the MHS students - where their own written musical and theatrical pieces will be performed.

Mr. David Getz, the Director of the MHS Orchestra, teaches an after-school program called the Composers’ Guild. It is an opportunity for students to learn music composition and how to notate instrumental music.

The Composers' Guild has grown every year since it began in 2012, and this year, we have even branched out to students outside of Morton High School,” said Getz.

“’In Their Own Write’ is the pinnacle of The Composers’ Guild,” said Getz. The students’ pieces from The Composers’ Guild are performed by hired Illinois State University (ISU) musicians. Dr. Roy Magnuson, professor of Composition and Theory at ISU, conducts the pieces and educates the students on how they can improve their craft.

“My role at ‘In Their Own Write’ is purely administrative,” said David Getz. “The kids are in charge of writing their own piece, running their own rehearsal, and giving their feedback to the performers. The look of pride and joy on the students' faces when they hear their music played for the first time is what keeps me energized to continue this event for years to come!”

Collaborating with Illinois State University, Dr. Roy Magnuson will be conducting the ensemble that will premiere the music of the students in Composers' Guild and will be featuring the musical talents of Ben Wyland (flute), Davis Hale (alto sax) and Brian Hinkley (piano). 

In addition, theater students will share their one-act plays. The students direct their one-act plays, write scripts and perform in small ensemble pieces to showcase their talents.  Ms. Sarah Isacksen, Morton High School Theater Director, commented, “My role at the high school is to advocate for and support students as their drama director. I take a step back from that role for ‘In Their Own Write’ so that students are able to harness their own creativity and practice assembling a production all their own!” 

In Their Own Write One-Act Plays:

"Sunglasses" directed by Abby Hagan & Hayley Johnson 

A group of teens are excited for summer and their road trip together until the unthinkable happens.


Jessie: Cadence Hornsby 

Luke: Gabe Soza 

Beck: Ireland Russell 

Kim: Caroline Potts

Store Clerk: Alex Dierks 

"Afterlife Aftercare" directed by Kiruna Mattson

What happens after you die? What options are you given? Look no further than Afterlife Aftercare!


Death: Ireland Russell

Drew Robertson: Sophie Bill

Theodora Johnson: Brittany Bohling

Tim Reaper: Gabe Soza

Join the Morton High School students as their own written musical and theatrical pieces come to life!

Eli's Coffee will be served in the lobby.