The Food-A-Rama will have a new name and a clean new look for the 2020 Illinois State Fair thanks to a $10,000 sponsorship from Reisch Charities, Brewer of Reisch Gold Top Beer.  The funds will go toward fixing the pavilion’s roof, sandblasting the metal support structure and a fresh coat of paint.  The sponsorship is good for one year, with the option of continuing the relationship after 2020.

“Reisch Charities approached the Illinois Fairgrounds Foundation and offered $10,000 toward the renovation of a facility on the Fairgrounds,” said John Slayton, Illinois Fairgrounds Foundation, Chairman. “After speaking with the Illinois State Fair staff and IL Department of Agriculture Director John Sullivan, Food-A-Rama was selected to receive the funds.”

Reisch beer has a rich history with the Illinois State Fair dating back to the 1930’s and was resurrected in March of 2019 with the sole purpose of helping to restore Springfield’s historic sites, including the State Fairgrounds. All proceeds generated from the sale of Gold Top go towards Reisch Charities. This $10,000 gift marks the first donation by the newly minted charity.


“Over the years the Reisch family had been approached with multiple ideas to bring the Springfield based beer back, but when we pitched our idea of helping to rebuild the city that built Reisch Beer, that was the golden ticket,” said Vince Salvo, Founding Board Member for Reisch Charities.

The Springfield brewed beer was served in Food-A-Rama in 2019 and will continue to be served at the Illinois State Fair in 2020.