More than 4,000 undergraduate students at the University of Iowa were named to the Dean's List for the 2022 spring semester. The Dean's List status was earned by 714 first year students, 1,268 second year students, 1,559 third year students, and 2,045 fourth year students.

Germantown Hills

Brielle Lombardi

Jeremiah Poppen


Jeffrey Bates


John Finch

Kaylee Lichtenstein

Allison Vastine


Joryn Hermann

Josephine Hermann

Taylor Holm

Jonathan Kopinski

About the University of Iowa

As a top global university, Iowa is the ideal destination for learning, discovery, and innovation. We bring art and science together to create a truly unique interdisciplinary education. With over 200 areas of study to choose from, students are encouraged to mix and match majors, minors, and certificates to earn a degree that reflects their unique interests. 

From inside our world-class medical center to the most prestigious creative writing program in the U.S., students have access to quality academic support and are equipped with the tools they need to stand out in a competitive workforce. Our 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows students to work directly with experts in their field while earning valuable, practical skills.

Our campus seamlessly blends into the heart of downtown Iowa City, making it easy to access academic resources and belong to a larger, welcoming community. With over 500 student organizations, clubs, and communities on campus, and countless in-town events scheduled throughout the year, Iowa makes it easy to build a network of friendships and connections that last a lifetime.