Old movies bring out the best in characters from the past and lets us laugh at the black and white films and ourselves.  Reponses to budgeting sessions from “Blondie and Dagwood” are not too different from those of us who have lived through 2020.  We can ignore or we can beg (Blondie wants a fur coat).  We can laugh (Dagwood is not interested in a budget just trout fishing) or we can make a 2021 budget that is useable and efficient.

If one is interested in a household budget, tools are widely available.  There are books that can be checked out from the library or there are many internet sites explaining the budgeting process.  However, a budget is easily developed using a green sheet that has columns for income and expenses.  A pad of these is available from FJT Office Supplies, Inc., 121 W. Jefferson, Morton, IL.

Quicken has a free budget calculator.  A budget format can also be found in Microsoft’s Excel program.  The “Household Monthly Budget” is easily accessed there.  Printed designs include headings for “Income” and “Expenses” printed horizontally.  The spreadsheet has vertical columns: Budget, Actual, and Variance.  Blondie and Dagwood would have had to work on this information and goal setting together.  Expensive items, including vacations and new vehicles, need to be listed perhaps in a “dream” cost column.

Thinking further about Blondie and Dagwood, Cookie and Alexander Bumstead, their children, would have not been considered in their parent’s budgeting discussion.  Back in the 1930s and 1940s when they came on the comic scene, children in most families were not included in financial discussions and conversations about money.

Since Dagwood was supposedly from a wealthy family and Blondie was a flapper, their financial aptitudes did not match.  This does not surprise us.  Many couples presently have had their financial skills developed differently.

It is not only married couples or partners that have the opportunity to budget.  “Cookie” is not married.  She is single, working at an attorney’s office.  “Alexander” has a significant other.  These examples are ones we can equate with presently.  The combinations of households and families have a different flavor in our culture in 2021.

Cookie and Alexander are tech savvy to the max.  The Bumstead heirs have a free budget app on their devices.  Alexander’s partner signed up on the site www.daveramsey.com/ramsey-plusbudgeting.  The site states: “Budget, Learn, And Track-Become A Budgeting Expert”.

Did Blondie get her fur coat?  Is Dagwood going to belong to the Trout Club?  The answer to these questions can be found in the 1940s movie “Blondie on a Budget”.