Audience Presentation

Dr. Hill read an email from a group of MHS alumni asking that the school district review its history and English curriculum to determine if students are receiving an accurate representation of Black history/issues contributing to a more diverse education.

Administrative Report

 - External Counselor report for 2019-20 school year: Mr. Walt Nunnally of Illini Family Counseling offers early intervention counseling services to MHS students two days per week. The report includes number of students served by semester and types of issues encountered.

Superintendent’s Report

- Dr. Hill reported on the planning taking place for reopening school in August. Guidelines from ISBE will be followed. A recommendation will be brought to the Board at the July 21 meeting. In planning for in-person learning, he noted: the focus will be on learning over logistics; will try to mitigate risk, but will not be able to eliminate risk; as a school community, all have to love and respect their neighbor; some remote learning will probably have to take place.

- Dr. Hill reported on preliminary survey results. The survey was sent to all parents in the school district concerning the possibility of returning to in-person learning in August. Survey results indicated: 75.9 percent of student population is represented; 64 percent responded they will return to school; 30 percent will return to school, but prefer certain conditions be in place; 54 percent of those 30 percent would like students to take breaks from wearing masks during the day; 12.7 percent would like mask wearing be strictly adhered to; 11 percent would like physical distancing adhered to; 5 percent will not attend with the vast majority stating it is due to the mask requirement; 11 students will not attend due to medical conditions

- Dr. Hill reported athletics and marching band are working through the Phase 4 guidelines recently released by IHSA.

Action Items Approved

- Non-resident student per board policy 7:60

- Non-resident tuition student from Delevan School District to attend the MHS Young Adult Life Academy

- Resolution Regarding Intergovernmental Agreements with Village of Morton: Village to transfer residential properties on Harrison St. to MCUSD 709 and MCUSD 709 agrees to transfer farm ground on Harding Rd. to the Village. The Village will demolish existing structures on Harrison St. to make way for additional parking at Morton Jr. High School.