One Building Improvement Grant was approved while the other was discussed and eventually denied at the October 21 Morton Village Board meeting.

The denial was done on the basis of allowing the Board to put an amendment in that would protect the Village if someone were to sell a business again in the future.

A $10,000 grant was approved for Bob Grimm Chevrolet for additions to the building. The total project will cost $1,994,769.

Hambrick Commercial Properties request for a grant to help replace the second story windows and front entry door was denied, but they are being asked to apply again in the spring once the new provisions are in place.

The issue arose regarding the previous owner of the building where Hambrick Commercial Properties is currently located. In 2016, the previous owner received a grant for improvements as well, then sold the property. While recent updates to the grant program would require partial repayment of the grant if sold within five years, the previous rules did not require that.

After discussion, the Board recommended additional provisions to keep track of grant timings to ensure businesses that improve facades and then sell the building will have to pay back a prorated portion of the grant.

In other news, Morton Police Chief Craig Hilliard said that the Morton Auxiliary Police logged 260.75 hours of overtime at this year's Pumpkin Festival, while regular officers logged 102 overtime hours.

In addition, three Tazewell County Zoning Board of Appeals cases were presented to the Board for comments, but none were made.