The Pinewood Derby tradition lives on with Morton Cub Scout Pack 85

One of the activities most synonymous with Cub Scouts is the Pinewood Derby. On January 25, 2020, Cub Scout Pack 85 had help from Scouts BSA Troop 178 to hold their 50th Annual Pinewood Derby Race. There was a total of 34 boys and girls participating. All scouts worked with their families to create cars from square, pinewood blocks. Some of the most unique designs include cars with dragons, Legos, flashing lights, a car with Yoda, and a car from Frozen. Trophies were awarded to the top four cars for speed and the top two cars for “Awesomeness” for each den. All scouts worked very hard and learned a lot from the experience. The top two cars from each den are invited to the Wotamalo District Pinewood Derby Race.  Morton Pack 85 accepts both boys and girls from Kindergarten through fifth grade from Jefferson, Lincoln and Bethel Lutheran grade schools. Morton Cub Scout Pack 85 is led by Cub Master Joshua Saunders.