My Sister's House receives donation

Dear Editor:

Five Points Washington’s initiative of Five Points Cares is a way for us to show you and the communities we serve how much we care. Throughout the year, we have chosen to partner with local organizations to either donate needed items, volunteer time, and provide programs and services that enrich and benefit all ages. 

This holiday season we donated the proceeds made from our Holiday Fitness Challenge to the local non-profit, My Sister’s House, which is in Washington.  Members of Five Points were offered an opportunity to sign up, for a $10 fee, to participate in a fun group Holiday Fitness Challenge that promotes accountability, fitness fun with friends and instructors and help benefit a worthy cause. The chosen benefactor for our challenge was My Sister’s House ministry whose mission is to focus on the individualized relational care of single women and their children providing them with Biblical counselors/advocates and assisting them with the coordination of sustainable resources. My Sister’s House ministry will also help facilitate the transition of its qualifying residents to self-care circumstances as their final goal.

In this photo, My Sister’s House representative, Tammy Hermann is accepting the donation from Five Points Fitness Manager, Joy Grove and Program Manager, Brad Weaver along with some of the Holiday Fitness Challenge members. We appreciate the participating members of the challenge that helped make this donation possible. If you are interested in how to help My Sister’s House, please contact Mark or Tammy Herrmann, Executive and Program Directors at 309-634-1983 or  To learn more regarding Five Points Washington and the Five Points Cares initiative or being a sponsor please visit our website at Points Cares or contact Brad Weaver, Program Manager at 309-444-8222 x48.  #FivePointsCares

Five Points Washington is a not for profit, 501 C 3, self-sustaining organization that stays viable with fitness membership fees, rental and ticketing sales, ancillary revenue sources and special program fees. We appreciate the support from the communities we serve. 

Five Points Washington