I am announcing that I am running for Mayor. While I can’t compete with our current mayor’s 20 years of experience, I do have the unique experience of seeing how our local government works from the inside. What I have learned is that we need to work harder to hear all citizen’s voices and make city government more transparent. My family moved here nearly 30 years ago in 1991, and I have seen firsthand how much Washington has changed during that time. We are a strong community of thousands of new families blended into generations of Washington residents. We all love Washington. The purpose of local government is to serve the people which they represent. My record of serving our community began with signing up to be an election judge, then successfully leading the nonpartisan referendum as a community member because our mayor wasn’t responsive in bringing the idea forth to our city council. As an alderman elected in our city’s 1st nonpartisan election in 2019 we need greater communication within our Council and with our community. It’s time for a change.

Lilija V. Stevens