To All of our Residents and Business Owners:

As you know, we are experiencing something in our lifetime that none of us have seen before. COVID-19 has caused the federal and state officials to take drastic measures to keep us all as safe as possible. The “stay at home” policy is working. We want to encourage all of you to continue following

these orders and guidelines. As a community, we can help reduce the spread and flatten the curve, ultimately saving lives and getting folks back to work sooner.

These are trying times for all of us, I hope that we can continue to be patient and kind as good neighbors of Washington. Small businesses are the backbone of our city and these times are especially tough on those whose livelihood relies on our support. Please consider doing your best to support all of our small businesses now and in the months that follow this pandemic.

I encourage you to purchase your groceries locally. Go to the Facebook pages and websites of ALL of our local businesses. They have gift certificates available or other items that can be purchased online or by phone. Some businesses offer curbside pickup or even delivery.

Please continue to order food from our local restaurants, they are taking every step they can to serve our citizens and we need to support them so they can keep their businesses thriving for years to come. The response has been tremendous, but your support is crucial to their longevity.

We are so thankful for our medical workers, first responders, grocery store workers, postal workers, delivery truck drivers, city workers, truck drivers and any others that are have essential jobs that require them to perform their duties.

Washington has experienced trying times before and we know how to come together, and we will rise again. Please follow the state and federal guidelines and I hope we can soon return to the life we all are use to.

Together we can and together we will.

God bless Washington,

Gary Manier

Mayor of Washington