I still have the "1000 Books to Read Before You Die: a life-changing list", by James Mustich, on my desk.  There must be some silly game I can play with this huge tome.  I picked up my pencil and a blank sheet of paper. I would list all the books I can remember and see if they're listed in 1000 Books.

I was "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson.  I applied "Catch 22" to "Catcher in the Rye" and decided I would be a pitcher, not a catcher.  I realized "Lord of the Rings" and "Lord of the Flies" were not for me. I guess I'm not royalty.  I can't engage in "Remembrance of Things Past".  I have enough trouble dealing with the present and the future.  I would like to be "Oliver Twist", but I can't twist anything, Chubby Checker's dance or the top off a delicious dark beer.  I thought David Copperfield was a magician; it turns out he was Charles Dickens' famous title character.  I haven't read the "Federalist Papers" or the "Communist Manifesto". I'm not that political. 

I've never been "On the Road", but I'd love to get Kerouac's impressions.  No matter the idiocy that goes on in Springfield or Washington, D.C. I still believe that "Democracy in America" is the best government we have. 

All of those books listed above were also on the 1000 Books list. I was more intrigued by what wasn't listed.  "The Giver" and "Where the Sidewalk Ends", both classics, are not on the list.  "The Outline of History" by Winston Churchill didn't make the list.  "Exodus" isn't there, but the "Exorcist" is.  "Shane" wasn't on the list, and I saw no books by Louis Lamour. I guess Westerns didn't rate very high in the author's opinion.  "Flowers in the Attic" was not listed.  Neither was "Up the Down Staircase".

"The Story of Philosophy" that later became part of the series "The Story of Civilization" by Will and Ariel Durant was not on the list.  That is a huge omission.  "The Story of Philosophy" made bestseller lists when it was published.  It became even more important when it was part of the greater series. 

I'm not going to let that bother me.  I've already compiled my own personal list of books to read before I die.  It may include a lot of the 1000 Books, but it will also include the books I really want to read. 

So many books, so little time.