Disney on Ice made its return to Peoria on Friday-Sunday, bringing with it a new tour that hadn't been seen before in the area.

However, Worlds of Enchantment had one major highlight from other shows that had been in the area before, and that was the Cars interlude.

While not a full story telling like other Disney movies performed on the ice, the Cars segment featured Tow Mater, Lightning McQueen, Sally, Ramone and Flo driving around on the ice.

However, these weren't just skaters in outfits. The cars actually drove around on the ice, spinning their tires and sliding around.

The segment was a great introduction to the second act of the show, and a unique twist on Disney on Ice that fans had seen in Peoria in recent years.

The show also featured another new segment that fans in Peoria hadn't seen before: Toy Story 3.

This one did stay true to the movie, although in a very broad overview. While Woody and Buzz were featured some, most of the segment actually featured Barbie and Ken. While the skating was good, I found my kids actually getting a bit bored with just the duo on ice.

However, once the whole crew was on the ice, they perked right up, waving to the cast and bobbing with the music. While the segment was good overall, a more refined focus with Woody and Buzz may be better. Who knows, with Toy Story 4 out now, maybe it will be revamped to showcase that instead in a few years.

Besides Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, mainstays at all the Disney on Ice performances, attendees also got to see the retelling of The Little Mermaid and Frozen at the Peoria Civic Center Arena.

Both of these had been seen in recent years, and really didn't offer much change from their past iterations. It is worth noting the performance of Ariel, though. She had some great routines on her own, and her duo skate with Prince Caspian was great as well.

Overall, Worlds of Enchantment has been the highlight for my family in recent years of the shows coming to Peoria. Hopefully, next year's performance continues the trend of newer shows that captivate the children when it returns.