National Doctor’s Day is celebrated yearly in the United States on March 30. It was first observed in 1933 in Winder, Georgia by Eudora Brown Almond, wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond as a day to honor physicians. The first recognition was by sending greeting cards and placing flowers on graves of deceased physicians.

In honor of America’s physicians, in 1990, Congress approved legislation Resolution #366 (Public Law 101-473) establishing National Doctor's Day as March 30, 1991, and in 1991 the resolution was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.

National Doctor's Day serves as a reminder for patients, staff and colleagues to recognize the doctors who play an important role throughout local communities and in their patients’ lives.  Tazewell County Medical Society would like to recognize the estimated 100 dedicated physicians who in some way serve the people of Tazewell County. Please join on Thursday, March 30 in recognizing the contributions of these dedicated men and women to the healthcare of families and the community as a whole by offering handwritten notes of appreciation and the symbolic red carnation.

Illinois State Medical Society, along with Tazewell County Medical Society would like to recognize and thank these local physician members who are the active voices of medicine in Tazewell County with the State of Illinois:

2019 Members of Tazewell County Medical Society

Gregory Guard, M.D.-President

Alfred Rossi, M.D.-Past President

Daniel Baer, M.D. Emeritus

George Beranek, M.D.

Tracy Bochantin, M.D.

Lesley Brinkman-Mosiman, M.D.

Scott Carlson, M.D.

Daniel Hoffman, M.D.

James Hubler, M.D.

Rebecca Proehl, M.D.

Trent Proehl, M.D.

Janice Takata-Rossi, M.D.

Lawrence Rossi, Jr., M.D.

Matthew Rossi, M.D.

Phillip Rossi, M.D.

Brad Stoecker, M.D.

Jeffrey Tennant, M.D., Emeritus

Gail Williamson, M.D.


Abbie Fox, MS2, UICOMP

Emily McLaughlin, MS3, UICOMP

Brea Sturm, MS2, SIU

Carly Woodin, MS1 UICOMP