Dear Editor:

The Washington Historical Society is thrilled to announce that the city of Washington has been selected for a once-in-a-lifetime event, a Walldog Festival.

Artists from the area and across the globe will gather in Washington for this three-five day festival. The whole community can take part in displaying the towns history by means of artistic paintings of the past for the future.This festival in the summer of 2022 will be just one of the wonderful events that will contribute to celebrating Washington's upcoming Bi-centennial in 2025. This festival will be the catalyst to showcase a variety of the Arts in Washington for many years to come, and help to be the link of our history to the community.

The Walldogs have successfully revitalized small towns for the past 26 years. Towns that have held a Walldog festival have experienced a definite increase in their economy, tourism and a sense of new found pride for their city.

The WHS has formed a Walldog committee that is eager to coordinate this event by working with businesses, local artists,city officials, schools, groups & organizations, involving the whole community. The Historical Society's mission is to acquire, preserve and display Washington's history. We felt what better way to display our towns history then by painting our unique stories on historic buildings, preserving our past for future generations.

For more information please go to our FB- washingtonillinoiswalldogs.

WHS-Washington Walldogs 2022 committee-Toni Minton chair