CIS softball

The Central Intermediate School girls’ softball team gathers to celebrate their Regionals win (above) and advance to State on Friday, September 24 in Bloomington. Team members include (front, from left) Kallie Gurewitz, Blakely Hathcock, (middle, from left) Stella Kimble, Payton Swanson, Ady Sollenberger, Kami Barth, Morgan Clarke, Tara Alois, Mia Johnson, Isabelle Clemmons, (back, from left) Libby Adkins, Coach Clarke, Haven Russell, Lyla Wilkins, Ava Stamper, Lyvia Williams, Addy MacGregor, Payton Bohannan, Ainsley Hemmele, Coach Lawson, Ronnie Schroen and Gracie Glaub.