The car wash station at Uftring Chevrolet Washington is open and has no plans of closing.  The Clothmatic bay on the far east side of the building, however, is out-of-order for the time being, due to a freak accident early last week.

On December 21, a customer was waiting to use the Clothmatic soft cloth car wash when their car suddenly accelerated and crashed through the door and into the vehicle inside the car wash.  Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident, but the impact damaged the two cars and the car wash machine itself.

Staff closed the Clothmatic bay and put up a sign explaining repairs were being made.  Still, the boarded-up bay triggered a lot of concern from the public, and the dealership has been fielding phone calls from citizens wondering what had happened, especially since the dealership just finished its Holiday Car Wash Token Sale.

Car wash tokens are a popular Christmas gift, and staff wanted patrons to know those tokens can still be used in the Touchless Automatic wash in Washington, as well as at the car wash at Uftring Express Detail located at 3807 N. Main St. in East Peoria.

Uftring Wash in Washington is in the midst of remodeling the entire facility, and have recently revamped the self-serve bays to make them more user-friendly.

Still, the self-serve and touchless options aren’t always the first choice for vehicle owners.

“People really like the job the cloth wash does,” stated an Uftring staff person. “It really does a good job.  Not that the touchless doesn’t, but if the car has some heavy dirt, the cloth does a better job.”

If a cloth wash is what’s preferred, Uftring staff urges customers to hang on to the tokens and stand by until they get word on when the cloth wash can reopen.

 “Those tokens are still good and do not expire,” stated an email from the company.

Uftring is working to complete the repairs as quickly as possible but said it could take a while, especially if they have to get a new machine. They should have a better idea of the extent of the damages and a timetable at the end of the day Wednesday, December 30.

“The key phrase is we’re gonna reopen, it’s just a question of when. We’re not going anywhere, Gary Uftring isn’t going anywhere; we want to make sure customers know.”

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