Washington Rotarians paint Wenger Shelter

Washington Rotarians spent two days painting Wenger Shelter in October. Pictured are, from left, Matt Moehle, Wendy Wagner, Stephanie Deiters, Dennis Hermann, Nicole Miller, Joe Adams, Jim Dunnan and Brian Tibbs. Other painters not pictured include Chris Nichols, Don Volk and Corey North. 

The Washington Rotary Club and Washington Park District are combining financial and labor resources to upgrade Wenger Shelter. Wenger Shelter is the largest Washington Park District shelter and sees much use by local schools and numerous individuals. Wenger Shelter was built and dedicated on July 4, 1976.

Washington Rotary Club, working with Brian Tibbs, Park District Director, wrote and submitted a grant request to the Rotary Foundation to remodel Wenger Shelter.  The grant request was approved and the Rotary Foundation gave Washington Rotary $3,000 towards the project. In addition to the $3,000 Rotary Foundation Grant, Washington Rotary Club contributed $5,000 and the Park District committed $2,000, for a project total of $10,000.

Washington Park District maintenance performed all of the prep work for painting. Eleven Washington Rotarians spent 12 plus hours over two days in October and completed painting the entire shelter.

Other upgrades currently being completed by local contractors include the following:

Lindsey Plumbing – Remove all bathroom fixtures and replace with new fixtures.

RNS Electric – Remove current lighting fixtures and upgrade with new fixtures. Exterior lights will also be added to the shelter.

KAP Construction – Remove current wood siding on gable roof ends and replace with steel siding.  

Special thanks to all community members who supported the Rotary Pork Chop Cookouts throughout the month of September. Proceeds from each Saturday Pork Chop sale are being used to fund the Rotary Clubs financial commitment to remodel Wenger Shelter.

The 2019-20 Washington Rotary officers are Jim Dunnan, President; Stephanie Deiters, President Elect; Wendy Wagner, Vice President; John Bates, Secretary; Matt Moehle, Treasurer; Brad Mahony, Sergeant at Arms; Justin Roberts, Past President; and Kristy Howell, Foundation Chair.