While specific dates have yet to be determined, rest assured that the City is aware that clean-up due to the January 1 ice storm is necessary and will occur. Residents will have until January 31, 2021 to move storm-related brush to the right-of-way for pick up beginning in February, weather permitting. Any resident not able to have the storm-related brush to the right-of-way by January 31, 2021 can take advantage of the regular Spring brush pick-up in April.

All brush (not to exceed four inches in diameter) must be placed between the curb and sidewalk or approximately three feet from the edge of the road for pick-up. Please take consideration to place the cut ends toward the street.

The city does reserve the right to refuse pickup of materials deemed non-storm related and/or excessive in volume. For the most part, homeowners are responsible for taking care of downed trees within their property. If trees or large limbs have fallen, residents are advised to contact their insurance agent to determine the specific coverage that may apply on their homeowner’s insurance policy.