Bank of Farmington and Ipava State Bank have announced a long-term agreement allowing customers of both banks to use ATMs interchangeably without fees. The “customer first” decision will give customers of Bank of Farmington and Ipava State Bank access to a total of 13 ATMs spreading throughout nine communities. 

“Oftentimes, you see competition between local banks,” said Joe Dietz, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ipava State Bank. “But here, you have two community-minded banks coming together, focusing on what is going to be best for their customers. No merger, no buy-out... just two separate banks agreeing to work together.”

“Very simply, this decision is about giving customers access to their money at more locations. Between both banks, our ATMs are spread out across a wide area,” said Joe Higgs, President, Bank of Farmington. “So, it’s a win-win for customers.”

Because Bank of Farmington and Ipava State Bank utilize the same ATM network, customers do not need to update their current ATM cards. Account access will be automatically granted at all ATM locations, which collectively include Astoria, Canton, Farmington, Ipava, Lewistown, Peoria, Peoria Heights, Washington and Williamsfield. For information on exact ATM locations, visit the website of either bank.

“We are excited to provide this level of access to our customers, and we’re proud of this unique partnership,” said Lewis Pigg, President of Ipava State Bank. “We’ve risen above typical bank rivalry and made a move that benefits customers.”

Established in 1903, Bank of Farmington is a full-service community bank offering loans, deposit accounts, time deposits, and other banking services that focus on the communities they serve. They pride themselves in offering knowledgeable, efficient service from employees who live, work, and raise their families in the communities of the bank’s locations. Bank of Farmington is located in Canton, Farmington, Peoria, and Williamsfield. More information about Bank of Farmington can be found at

Ipava State Bank has been serving individuals and businesses in central Illinois communities since 1902. Located in Astoria, Canton, Ipava, Lewistown, Peoria Heights, and Washington, Ipava State Bank products and services include mortgages, construction loans, a wide selection of commercial services, and a Trust & Wealth Management division.

The bank has grown from a small number of employees when the bank was first established to over 40 employees today. For more information about the bank, visit