The following awards and scholarships were presented virtually at the WCHS Academic Awards Night held on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, via the school’s home web page.  The awards were announced and presented by Karen Stevens, Principal,  and Dr. Kyle Freeman, Superintendent.

Department awards were presented to Kaylin Klomhaus, Thelma Ebert Business Award; Olivia Lundquist, Family and Consumer Science Departmental Award; Joy English, Industrial Technology Student of the Year;  Jacob Boyer, Tobey Klungseth and Elly Smith, English Students of the Year;  Maddie Lawless, Baylor Clark, Avery Fischer and Jackson Biagini, Golden Quill Award;  Allisyn Higgins, WCHS Outstanding Foreign Language Student in Spanish Award;  Elly Smith, WCHS Outstanding Foreign Language Student in French Award;  Brady Klein, Nate Faivre, Alex Furcoiu, and Emma Roberts,  Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Award;  Alex Furcoiu, WCHS Science Departmental Award;  Brooke Evans, Social Studies Student of the Year; Ian Phillips, Special Education Heart Award; Haley Weir, Special Education Heart Award.

The following students were recognized for their achievements by the Fine Arts department: Mid Illini “best in show”-- Ashley Tildon 2-D, Ashley Tildon Photography, Callie Lauderback 3-D.  Scholastic Arts Awards- Isaiah Rodriguez- Silver Medal; William Atchison- American Vision’s award, Gold Medal; William Atchison-Silver Medal with distinction and $1,000; Addie Beebe- Gold medal.

The following students received local scholarships or awards:  Jacob Boyer, plaque, American Legion Citizenship Award.  The following students received the  American Red Cross Blood Services: Young Minds Change Lives Educational Scholarship of $500 each: Edward Andrews IV, Christian Buck, Maci Hopp, Morgan Klein, and Anthony Williams.  Cameron Watson, $500, Dalfonso Family Scholarship. The winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution Award, Elly Smith, was recognized.  Elly Smith, $500, Eric Eblen Memorial Scholarship; Jaiden Wynn, $1000, Floyd Reed Memorial Scholarship.

The General Knowledge Awards were awarded to the top students in the senior class:  Edward E. Andrews IV and Nathan H. Faivre. They also each received a $50 gift card from Heartland Bank.  The Top Ten seniors were also recognized.  They are Co-valedictorians, Edward E. Andrews IV and Nathan H. Faivre, third-Brady M. Klein, fourth-Emma M. Roberts, fifth-Alexandru A. Furcoiu, sixth-Christian J. Buck, seventh-Elly C. Smith, eighth-Morgan E. Klein, ninth-Tobey M. Klungseth, 10th-Madison M. Lawless.

Additional winners are Allisyn Higgins, $2800, H. Erickson Norlin III Memorial Scholarship; Addie Beebe, $1000, Horton/Radcliffe Memorial Scholarship; Alexis Kellerstrass, $1000, Horton/Redcliffe Memorial Scholarship;  Melody Cline, $2500, #Hug Like Cody Carlin Memorial Scholarship; Alex Warfield, $2500, #Hug Like Cody Carlin Memorial Scholarship;  Addison Prina, $3000, Hunkler-Stagen Teaching Scholarship.  

The following students will receive certificates and were recognized as Illinois State Scholars:  Edward Andrews IV, William Atchison, Becca Bambrick, Emily Biagini, Jackson Biagini, Christopher Blicharz, Jacob Boyer, Olivia Brown, Haley Bucher, Christian Buck, Caleb Clague, Caden Davidson, Joy English, Brooke Evans, Nathan Faivre, Avery Fischer, Brandon Ford, Alexandru Furcoiu, Jacob Hahn, Allisyn Higgins, Maci Hopp, Greta Hudson, Rajeshwari Iyer, Tyler Jensen, Brady Klein, Morgan Klein, Tobey Klungseth, Hailey Langstaff, Madison Lawless, Jacob Mack, Joshua Madsen, Dylan McClure, Mackenzie Meyer, Caleb Minasian, Elise Monroe, Emma Newkirk, Mary Newkirk, Mason Niehaus, Madelyn Norman, Vincent Pham, Emma Roberts, Jay Sander, Elly Smith, Jacob Stone, Brady Watson, Cameron Watson, Luke Zobrist.

Additional winners are Joy English, $500, James Ashbrook Memorial Scholarship; Nathan Faivre, $500,  James Ashbrook Memorial Scholarship;  Ian Phillips, $1000, Jung Bo Lee Eagle Scout Scholarship;  Avery Fischer, $1000, Jung Bo Lee Eagle Scout Scholarship;  Nolan Herman, $1000, Jung Bo Lee Eagle Scout Scholarship; Tyler Boley, $1000, Jung Bo Lee Eagle Scout Scholarship.  Addison Prina, $1000 renewable for 3 years for a total of $3000, Kay Ashdown Drake Family and Consumer Science Scholarship; Joshua Madsen, $750, Marilyn Drake Memorial Scholarship; Jacob Mack, $500, Masonic Taylor Lodge #98 Scholarship; Natalie Workman, $750, Matt Mannos Memorial Nursing Scholarship.  Caden Davidson received the National Merit Certificate of Commendation for Performance on SAT.  Finalist/.

Semi-finalist acknowledgment Scholarships due to scores---Emma Roberts - Schneider Electric North America Foundation Scholarship; Mackenzie Meyer- Country Company Scholarship.  

Morgan Klein, $2500, Paul A. Kinsinger, M. D., Memorial Scholarship.   The following students were recognized for four years of perfect attendance: Cameron Hoffman, Jacob Kingsland, Sarah Lyons, Trever McCullough, Vincent Pham, Emma Roberts, Cloe Tindall, and Luke Zobrist.                                                                         

Additional winners are Brady Klein, $2000, Roy L. and Ada Romani Memorial Scholarship; Brooke Evans, $350, Stephen Mason Memorial Scholarship.  The following students received recognition for serving as County Youth Election Volunteers:  Alexis Kellerstrass, Mackenzie Meyer, Noah Anske, Tyler Boley, and Avery Fischer. Additional winners are Jacob Hahn, $1000, Trent Weston Memorial Scholarship; Elly Smith, $500, Washington Chamber of Commerce Leadership Challenge Scholarship;  Brooke Evans, $1000, Washington Education Association Education Scholarship; Addison Prina, $1000, Washington Education Association Education Scholarship.  Funds for the Washington Education Association Education Scholarships were donated in memory of former teachers Patricia Luthe and Jack Stromberger.  Greta Hudson, $300, Washington Leadership and Community Service Scholarship; Becca Bambrick, $300, Washington Leadership and Community Service Scholarship; Haley Weir, $500, Washington Lions Club Careers Helping People with Disabilities Scholarship;  Greta Hudson, $100, Washington Lions Club Community Involvement Award; Brady Klein, $250, WCHS Black  and Orange Scholarship (Herff Jones).  The following students received the Willard Sweitzer American Legion Memorial Scholarship of $1000 each: Edward Andrews IV, Becca Bambrick, Christian Buck, Brady Klein, and Emma Roberts.  Emily Shute, $1000, Winifred White Language Arts Scholarship.  Dylan Kurima, $1500, Washington Township United Fund Academic Scholarship; Emily Shute, $1500, Washington Township United Fund Academic Scholarship.  

University and college scholarships and awards were also announced. 

Congratulations and best of luck to the WCHS Class of 2020!