'Operation Christmas Bike'

The holiday season of 2019 marked 12 years of Russell’s Cycling & Fitness, located in Washington, and their customers partnering with the Children’s Home of Peoria.  On Thursday, December 19, Russell’s “Operation Christmas Bike” delivered 62 bicycles of all sizes to children and adults for Christmas.  Joe Russell’s staff worked like Santa’s elves before Christmas on repairing and renewing bicycles that had been donated or traded in on new models.  Much care went into cleaning and replacing parts to prepare the bikes for their new homes, hopefully putting big smiles on the faces of their new owners.

In August of 1977, Russell's Cycle World Incorporated was established in Washington, Illinois. It was started in Everett Russell's garage by his son, Joe Russell. In 1980 the business moved into the building at 308 North Main in Washington and remained there until November of 1994, when it moved for the second time into its present location at 10 Valley Forge Plaza. It now occupies what was the Valley Forge Cinema.

“The bicycle and fitness industries have changed enormously since we began. That usually means a business has to change, also. We will never forget how we began - with a passion for bikes - and have grown to a passion for fitness and the outdoors,” said Joe Russell, owner of Russell’s Cycling & Fitness.