Rock is only reminder of Versailles

All that remains of the Woodford County town Versailles that was the first county seat is this rock in the southeast corner of section 20 in Olio Township. 

Historian Karen Fyke will give an overview of the 55 historical settlements in Woodford County at the August 8 meeting of the Woodford County Historical Society. The meeting will be held at the Roanoke Park Building at 7 p.m. Directions: From Route 116 turn north on Green Street and travel north for several blocks. Follow the brown park district signs. When you enter the park, drive until you see a brick Community Building sitting off to your left. For more information, call 309-360-6772.

Over the course of Woodford County’s history there have been 55 settlements that might have grown into towns and cities. Only 15 actually made it and are still on the map. Mrs. Fyke will tell about both the current towns and the other 40 that are now just spots on a map, including Bricktown, Pokeville, Gabetown and Josephine.

The Woodford County Historical Society meets monthly, March through November, on the second Thursday of the month. So that people living in all parts of the county can access the meetings, they are held in different locations throughout the county. Everyone is welcome to join the Society, and meetings are free and open to the public. For more information, call Mrs. Fyke at 309-360-6772 or Beth Miller at 309-275-8860.